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The Return of Depression Economics

An analysis of this book by Paul Krugman.

This paper presents a discussion of Paul Krugman's book, "The Return of Depression Economics" which examines the economies of seven different countries that produce the majority of the economic output of the world and how each has been affected by major economic slumps throughout the world. The paper concludes that that the work appears to be is a shock-value scare book that offers no real applicable solutions to a global problem, but it write essay questions exam does succeed in developing an argument and an awareness of the philosophies of https://blablawriting.com/talk-show-script-essay various world economies and how they relate to each other and the world.

Krugman's main explanation for most of the crises he writes about involves the increased proliferation of liquid financial investments made in the emerging markets" from investors abroad. Sudden changes in international investor sentiments, resulting from irrational, herd-like mentalities of international investors, have wreaked havoc on those very same emerging markets. For decades governments have removed or reduced regulatory restraints on domestic and international trade."

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