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Virtual Private Networks

An explanation of Virtual Private Networks (VPN).

This paper looks at the recent surge in the use of Virtual Private Networks, known commonly as VPN's. The paper explains that more write an essay on quaid e azam and more people are using VPN's to connect, as general internet usage also increases. The writer explains how VPN's work, the security risks involved and the methods used to protect the computers connecting via this network. The paper also compares the VPN system to other means of connecting to the internet.

Extranets are another area of application for VPN, though there are many methods to build up extranets without using VPN technology. Still this is an important option. The main https://blablawriting.com/describe-potential-conflicts-or-dilemmas-that-may-arise-between-the-duty-of-care-and-an-individuals-rights-essay purpose of using VPN for extranets is to be able to control access and use authentication for the service, and this requires the use of VPN to deny or permit customers, trading partners and business associates to gain access to only data that they may need for getting on with business. When the extra-net application is based on VPN, if the outsider tries to go through the Internet or the service provider's network, he would finally reach the firewall. The limitation on going beyond the firewall is controlled through the access control services of the VPN. The cost comparison between VPN and other networking technologies for extranets is difficult to estimate.
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