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Fetal Tissue Research

An overview and discussion of the contraversy surrounding fetal tissue research and neurological disorders.

This paper examines how the use of fetal tissue in research is a tremendously controversial issue and how the complex ethics of this research have led to demands for an outright ban on all research that involves fetal tissue. It looks at how, although some argue that the ethical ramifications of fetal tissue write an essay on picnic research outweigh any potential scientific contribution, it would seem that there are ample arguments write an essay about your hometown to be made for protecting such research. It shows how already, promising results have been demonstrated in treatments for Parkinson and Huntington diseases, with research ongoing for potential treatment of strokes, AIDS and MS in particular.

One of the biggest concerns involved with any kind of transplantation is the immune response that often occurs when the host's body recognizes the presence of foreign cells. The immune response that the body summons can have a devastating effect on the host. Most transplants of organs or tissues, involve administering large amounts of anti-rejection drugs that suppress the host's immune system. Fetal tissue is much less likely to provoke such an attack, to the extent that fetal tissue transplants often do not require any anti-rejection drug regimen.
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