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King Richard I

An overview of the life and reign of King Richard I of England.

This paper examines how King Richard I made significant progress during his reign in England and how, while he was king, he succeeded in gaining land for the Christians. It shows how he led the Third Crusade with great compassion and wisdom and how he was able to think in different ways in regards to strategy, which allowed him to conquer land and earn the respect of many. It also shows how his efforts allowed the Christians a safe pilgrimage to Jerusalem and how the land he conquered gave England strategic territory.

The Third Crusade is known as King Richard's great chivalrous episode." 11 as well as the most "bloody and brutal" 12 of the eight crusades. Philip Augustus also took part in this Crusade. The two behaved like friends in public but were actually rivals. Despite the fact that Richard's expedition did not free the Holy Sepulcher, it did allow him the opportunity to demonstrate his courage. 13 This situation forced Richard and Saladin to come together and agree to put an end to the fighting. While they were negotiating, Saladin began to respect Richard. He even said that Richard was a "man of honour and very brave . . . he plunges into the midst of danger and in his reckless indifference to his own safety." 14 Indeed, Richard always displayed courage in the face of fear."



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